Mildberry brand building solutions

visual identity, brand book


Contemporary branding is becoming more and more in demand in Kazakhstan with its growing economy and developing consumer culture. This also pertains to the vacation industry: Mildberry was tasked to develop a visual identification system for the recreational and tourist site called 8 Lakes which is located in the suburbs of Almaty.

This is a large-scale, multi-purpose complex made up of hotels, restaurants, fishing and eco-tourism areas and various other outdoor activities. This project is expensive and hi-tech and requires a professional approach to branding, to developing visual identification and a well-planned out navigation system. The 8 Lakes resort park was to become a whole world of relaxation for visitors filled with entertainment and forming a bond with nature. Mildberry set out to create the image of that world.

The visual solution forming the basis of the 8 Lakes style and which is actually associated with the creation of this special world is the kaleidoscope of bright colors mixed and intertwined together to make up nature images like waves, the sun, birds, animals, fish and plants. This general approach laid the foundation for the navigation and coding of various services within the complex; depending on their focus their symbols in the ornament changed. But the most important thing that expressed the brand’s spirit was the variety of opportunities, bright and varied colour schemes reflected different emotions and the astounding real nature. These inspiring bright images set the tone for 8 Lakes visitors who come across these pictures on signs in the resort, in the menu, inside the buildings and on accessories. The opportunities for using such a visual style are practically unlimited. The main idea was expressed by its logotype outlining the borders of this magical world—more precisely the boundlessness of this world in the shape of an eight morphed into the infinity sign showing the recognizable ornament.

The 8 Lakes resort is incredibly popular today in Kazakhstan: it became a leading recreation complex meeting world standard. The design and unique atmosphere created (thanks partially to its visual style) make it a zone of emotional comfort where one wants to come back to again and again.