Mildberry brand building solutions


In June 2012 Mildberry and the TV Channel Dozhd (RAIN) launched the project called LAVOCHKA (it means “bench” in Russian) in Hyde Park. During the project organisers invited Russian designers to represent the new creative Russia in the homeland of rain and brands (London). From angelic ‘Russian Seasons’ to grand Soviet avant-garde artists Russia has gotten used to astounding the world with its unexpected cultural breakthroughs. Over the course of Russia’s new history a quite large creative ‘arsenal’ has been built up and not it is time to share it.

Mildberry and Dozhd set up usual park benches in London’s Hyde Park designed by Russia’s unusual designers. The purpose of this project was to do what every Russian would like to do—astound London and the whole world and change our country’s image for the better.

Based on an open competition in which anyone could take part in the three best sketches were selected. Live on the TV channel Rain the winners personally signed the real benches, which were placed in Hyde Park in the beginning of August. A little sign with the author of the design and the name of the project was set up on each bench.

You need to start somewhere and the image of a new creative Russia may start with a regular-old bench.