Mildberry brand building solutions

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Consumer banking specially focused on servicing private clients appeared in Russia not too long ago. Until recently there was no distinct difference between a bank as a financial organisation and a bank as a kind of ‘service centre’ for people’s everyday needs. Renaissance Credit was one of the first banks in Russia to start thinking over the idea of changing its bank service communication by shifting its focus from ‘seriousness’ and reliability to comfort, convenience, and casualness by making communication friendly and emotional.

Brightness and emotional qualities became the main principles based on which Mildberry designers structured Renaissance Credit’s new visual style. First and foremost, these principles became a reality in the colour solution: a bright, flashy combination of raspberry and green before was unheard of in the serious sector of Russian banking services. However, precisely these colours distinguished Renaissance Credit from the pack amongst its competitors and made it a ‘new style’ bank. The emotional warmth and precise rational message were poured into the key graphic element of a stylish flower with leaves. This image, which penetrates all forms of communication, expresses the room for growth in the company and caring attitude. Special attention was paid to the branches’ layout: instead of a faceless corporate style the banks were granted their own look while being endowed with coordinated interior solutions following the bank’s main visual style.

Renaissance Credit became one of the leaders on the contemporary consumer banking market in Russia, setting new standards for the industry. It became an example which tens of other banks tried following (all with varying success). For Mildberry Renaissance Credit became an inspiring model of a true innovative project breaking down stereotypes.