Mildberry brand building solutions



Mildberry's European partner, Lumen, created a new visual identity for UBI Banca, currently the fourth largest bank in Italy.

Today contemporary brand developers have to think innovatively, taking into consideration all different types of communication, including audio means. UBI Banca was the first amongst Italian banks, which decided to use audio branding in its communication. Mildberry's Brussels and London offices were also involved in developing the audio brand for UBI Banca.

Mildberry experts analysed the UBI Banca brand values and checked for any sounds or melodies connected with them. It was decided to develop an audio combination of the UBI Banca main brand values of “seriousness and modernity”, with these two different voices “sounding” in unison.

This concept was expressed in a wide range of various audio sketches from which the final audio logo was selected. Then with UBI Banca’s participation the audio logotype’s melodies and tempos were developed. It allowed us to create the brand’s “hymn” in which the audio logotype, instrumental arrangement, general style and tempo were all united into one. Additionally, a whole series of audio applications were developed on the basis of the brand “hymn”.