Mildberry brand building solutions

Brand strategy, platform and architecture, naming, visual identity, brand book


Until not long ago Russia did not have its very own hotel chain. Well, the whole Russian hospitality industry, especially beyond the capital wasn’t very developed and generally it was far off from world standards in terms of service, design and comfort. It was precisely uniform professional hospitality standards, which Russian hotels were lacking. The new hotel chain called Azimut implemented these very standards.

Mildberry was tasked to develop comprehensive solutions necessary for a new brand, including a platform, positioning, brand architecture, a name, visual identity and service standards.

Azimut hotel chain guests are mostly people traveling on business from various parts of the world with an active lifestyle, however they are pretty demanding when it comes to service quality and are striving to get their money’s worth. Azimut was not supposed to come up short service-wise and appearance-wise relative to international chains.

In order to ensure an international approach when creating a brand geared towards both Russian and foreign audience a multi-national team from Mildberry's Milan, Moscow and London offices were involved on working on this project. The Azimut’s DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY brand concept formed the basis for the final solution made by our consultancy. This concept reveals the basis of brand communication — creating a comfortable environment for Azimut hotel chain guests in all ways possible, including visually.

The Mildberry team focused its efforts namely on creating this kind of environment by investing the most amount of genuine positive emotions into the visual and interior solutions to ensure guests have a pleasant stay at Azimut.

The selection of the warm red colour for the hotel’s signature style is more than natural since it reminds one about the warmth of one’s home and holiday festivities. All the details were thought-out and taken into account: more than 400 various brand applications were developed ensuring unity of the brand’s visual communication for the hotel chain’s visitors. Everything, from business cards and business documentation down to layout standards and music selection for the hotel lobbies, was carefully planned and synchronised.

The continuing story of the Azimut brand is the story of successful and quick development. By 2008 Azimut has become the largest Russian hotel chain. Azimut hotels have opened up in Europe (in Austria and Germany); confirming the brand’s international caliber.