Mildberry brand building solutions

naming, visual identity, package design


Contemporary and “advanced” habitants of cities grew found of homemade bakery, perceiving it as a fascinating creative process. This trend increased due to cooking shows popularity and fuelled sales of baking ovens and afferent ingredients for home-baking.

Today the ready-to-bake mixes market is being gradually established in Russia. Its volume is moderate, nevertheless, food retailers track its steady growth and analysts mention considerable perspectives. In USA, where homemade bread is quite popular, the volume of baking mixes sales reaches USD 2 billions per year.

Prommix company, known in Russia as a major supplier of spices, seasonings, instant soups and cooking additives, intended to enter this market and assigned Mildberry to design a new brand.

Mildberry created the Bakerville name and the package design, emphasising the concept of “traditional baking becoming modern”. As a result, Mildberry built a brand with European character which is reflected in all the visual elements of package design.