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During a global recession businesses focus their attention on local problems, while marketing experts more often than not prefer quick tactical solutions to long-term branding strategies. But the crisis does not undermine the need for long-term investments in brands. Quite to the contrary, the crisis has confirmed through numerous examples the strength of brands and gives us the opportunity to use our branding ‘toolbox’ all the more effectively.

A crisis forces us to be more flexible and creative, it heats up the competitive pool, consequently making the need for strong brands all the more crucial. At the “Banzai! Branding During the Recession” round table Mildberry clients and guests talked about the recession and what to do.

The following people gave presentations at the Round Table:
Cladius Kenning, Founder and President of the Branding Agency, CloserLondon;
Drew Smith, Founder and President of the Branding Agency, Lumen (Milan);
Stephen Kirk, Creative Director, Mildberry UK.