Mildberry brand building solutions

naming, visual identity, brand book, package design


The Carousel supermarket chain operated by X5 Retail Group is joining forces with Mildberry to continue to expand the range of products offered under its private labels. The Behome brand is a new line of home accessories.

The products that Carousel will be offering under the new brand include both durable consumer goods such as textiles and tableware and cheap expendable items for daily use. For this reason a key requirement for products offered under the new brand is versatility and relevance, whether it's a set of bed linen or a cleaning kit.

Mildberry was tasked with developing a full fledged brand with a consistent concept, easy-to-understand image and mood that would meet customer expectations in this category. We came up with the notion of taking care of one's home as the foundation of both the name and the visual characteristics of the new brand. Your home is where you want to feel relaxed and cared for. You've got your soft comforter, neatly folded things, carefully set dinner table: all these little things are reflective of a sense of cosiness that you can take great pleasure in creating day after day. The name of the brand that we came up with, Behome, sounds English, however, it can easily be understood by the target audience and has a nice soft sound about it while communicating the main message of the brand loud and clear even as it alludes to its European origin.

The visual identification system that Mildberry created for Behome focuses on love for one's home and can be easily scaled to any product line or category. We used a very laconic design of the kind normally found in European brands, supplementing it with emotionally engaging photographic images that seek to create a sense of home and cosiness.

Carousel's private label Behome got a Private Label Award 2019! The Award is one of the most important private label awards as it is based on customer and expert response in various parts of the country.