Mildberry brand building solutions

Brand platform, naming, visual identity, brand book


In 2008 a company called Takos jointly with Mildberry launched a new chain of BON JOLI perfume and cosmetic stores on the Russian market. The success of the new brand, immediately seizing a large share of the market and opening stores across the whole country, made it one of the largest market players. Striving to use the brand’s rising popularity as effectively as possible a completely new type of concept was born—beauty salons with BON JOLI stores at the helm. The advantages of such an option were evident since the opportunity to receive consultation and stylist’s services directly in the store make the BON JOLI brand just that much more attractive for consumers. Mildberry was tasked to expand the BON JOLI brand by bumping up its value.

It was decided to create beauty salons not only as a supplement to BON JOLI but rather as a full-fledged independent brand capable of standing by itself. This approach can be seen first and foremost in the name BJ Image, which is independent, but maintains the brand’s traditions. It is reflected in the brand’s unique visual style only slightly resembling the multi-coloured BON JOLI logotype.

Thanks to the visual style developed by Mildberry the salons within BON JOLI stores look like an organic continuation of the store. However, BJ Image salons outside of the BON JOLI chain look just as impressive and interesting.

The BJ Image project was a real marketing success. The idea of expanding the BON JOLI brand was implemented incredibly successfully, which in turn impacted its capitalisation too. In a few short months after BJ Image was launched Takos sold its share in the BON JOLI chain at a profit and launched a new project on the perfume and cosmetic salon market.