Mildberry brand building solutions

Brand platform, naming, visual identity, brand book


The task of the BON JOLI brand creators was quite ambitious: occupy one of the leading positions on the perfume and cosmetics retail market, create a powerful modern brand from scratch, — a brand capable of not only competing on the market where there are already a lot of strong players, but conquering this market. Amongst the numerous business instruments, branding became especially crucial in solving this task. The company strove to surpass its competitors in the eyes of the consumers and this was only possible through a non-standard and well thought out communication.

When developing the new brand it was important to preserve the balance between traditionalism and uniqueness. The French-sounding BON JOLI name is a tribute to the typical perception of the category and communicates to the consumer the feeling of beauty, elegance and grace. The visual identity developed by Mildberry allowed the new brand to stand out amongst its competitors. The premium and secretive black background from which a rainbow logotype emerges is non-verbal communication of something special and the miracle of transformation.

The result of the project can be expressed in real statistics—in the amount for which this brand was eventually sold to its competitors. In an incredibly short period of time BON JOLI conquered a significant share of the market, while its captilisation significantly exceeded investments in the company. In the future, inspired by this success, BON JOLI creators emerged on the perfume retail market once again with a new brand and once again together with Mildberry.