Mildberry brand building solutions


On June 2, 2016 a Brand Loyalty session was organised by the Mildberry marketing agency at the Loyalty World Forum 2016. The event was held at the Marriott New Arbat hotel and was attended by the most prominent representatives of the Russian business.

Brandy Loyalty was an event dedicated to the creation and introduction of loyalty programmes and managing the client experience. As part of the forum, the speakers representing various industries shared their secrets about how to build a successful multi-channel client experience and talked with the guests about innovative technologies in loyalty programmes.

The speakers included Mildberry Managing Partner Oleg Beriev, Rostelecom’s Head of Corporate Marketing Olga Solabuto, Skyeng Managing Partner Alexander Laryanovsky, co-founder and CEO of Double B Coffee & Tea Anna Zfasman, Operations Director of the “Respublika” chain stores Evgeny Kuznetsov, Head of Harley-Davidson Russia and CIS Anton Prokhorov, Head of Brand Management and Communications at the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management Anna Harnas, Marketing Director at “Kamaz-Master” Andrey Schepkin, Head of Marketing at “Azbuka Vkusa” Galina Yastchuk as well as representatives of “Izbenka” and “Vkus Vill” – Managing Director for External Communications Evgeny Repin and Managing Director for Advertising Olesya Mashkina.

The session was opened by Oleg Beriev, Managing Partner at Mildberry who talked about the evolution of customers and customer experience and about how the only constant in today’s world is the constant change. Oleg then noted that the traditional loyalty programmes are slowly but surely losing their utility, and companies need to start considering investing in the creation of a unique customer experience.

Olga Solabuto, Head of Corporate Marketing at “Rostelecom”, talked about how customer loyalty can be created through visual architectural solutions. An easy-to-navigate and comfortable servicing environment, according to the expert, not only draws customers but also improves space efficiency and boosts the profitability of offices.

Participants in the conference included not only speakers representing major brands but also representatives of ambitious new startups such as the online English school Skyeng. Its founder and managing partner Alexander Laryanovsky shared his ideas about how to boost conversion in sales, how brand loyalty improves if you give each customer a unique experience and the cheap tools that his company is using to build brand loyalty.

The co-founder and CEO of Double B Coffee & Tea Anna Zfasman gave an inspiring speech on how to promote loyalty among both customers and staff alike. She talked about her experience promoting loyalty by organising training seminars. Quality coffee today is a new niche in the Russian market, so it is important to teach customers to distinguish between good coffee and bad coffee.

Evgeni Kuznetsov, Operations Director at “Respublika”, talked about how the ‘least bookstore-like bookstore’ turned the interests of its clients into a subculture. His presentation focused on promoting customer loyalty by offering a unique product range and organising events to bring your customers together.

Anton Prokhorov, Head of Harley-Davidson Russia and CIS, shared some secrets about how to promote loyalty through communities of fans, as well as about how to turn a brand into a lifestyle, turning your clients into evangelists for your brand.

Anna Harnas, Head of Brand Management and Communications at the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management, believes that the secret to brand loyalty lies in networking. Loyalty emerges when the brand aligns its interests with those of its clients, the expert is convinced. 

Andrey Schepkin, Marketing Director at “Kamaz-Master”, talked about how to turn sponsorship of sports projects into a tool for building brand loyalty and how cooperating with another brand has helped Kamaz build brand loyalty.

Galina Yastchuk, Marketing Director at the “Azbuka vkusa” retail chain, noted that the modern environment is pushing businesses to change the paradigm for creating loyalty programmes: discounts do not work anymore and companies need new solutions to hold on to their clients. Attention should be paid to modern technologies and companies need to start investing in tech, she said, noting, that it is no use trying to bribe the customers because money can not buy love. 

The session is brought to a close by speakers from “Izbenka” and “Vkus Vill”. Advertising Manager Olesya Mashkina and External Communications Manager Evgeni Schepin talked about how customers affect the product range of their stores and how customers can manage their own loyalty programmes as well as about how to convert customer complaints into image dividends and how to properly use customer feedback.