Mildberry brand building solutions

Brand positioning, naming, visual identity, package design

Cao Vita. A healthy habit of being happy

Another brand story in which we were involved from the very beginning has been added to the list of cases of Mildberry. Together with the client, the Mildberry team went through the entire project cycle — situational analysis, hypotheses, positioning, naming, visual identity and package design. A brand was created for instant cocoa powder from selected African cocoa beans. Its recipe was developed by thoughtful technologists with truly GOST ideology.

The main players in the category, as a rule, exploit territories "pleasure + baby food + traditions". It is surprising that previously no one mentioned how cocoa is good for health. The contained amount of antioxidants is 3 times higher than in green tea. This has a positive effect on the internal organs, improves the skin condition and cerebral circulation.

Cao Vita is literally the life force of cocoa beans. The main essence of the brand succinctly fits into just a few capacious words: "a healthy habit of being happy".

At the final stage of the project, a package design was developed that reflects ideological components — the sun, emotions and vitality.