Mildberry brand building solutions

naming, visual identity, brand book


Creating comfortable retail environment with its unique atmosphere is very important for any modern shopping mall. Realizing the significance of using professional approach to solve this task Viktor&Co, a large regional developer company, asked Mildberry for help in creating a brand for a new mall in Samara.

We have offered our client a unique concept based on parallels between the world of shopping and entertainment and the fantastic world of the future. To convey this concept, we used the name “Cosmoport” for the mall that seems to belong to some science fiction book. “Cosmoport” is a crossroad of trade routes where even the most surprising meetings are possible. This is a name that reflects the scale of the mall and all the imagination behind it. To develop the concept, we suggested visual style where all the components are designed in the same space theme. Now the mall has its own recognizable brand character – a spaceman.

The same space theme was used to design promotional materials and “Cosmoport” interior: “solar batteries” graphics motif links all the mall interiors. Cold “space” colours and futuristic font of the mall visual identity complete the integral image of this portal to the Universe of entertainment and new opportunities.

For Samara, “Cosmoport” became the leading project and possibly the first mall in the city to be a full-fledged brand. The largest retail networks such as Mediamarkt, Auchan and Leroy Merlin soon became the main shops in the mall.