Mildberry brand building solutions

visual identity, package design, brand book


The retail store chain Podruzhka, owned by Taber Trade, was established in 2005 and now includes more than 220 stores. The product mix consists of about 15,000 different cosmetic items, including store brand.

When we consider cosmetics, many purchases are spontaneous and customers prefer products with a catchy appearance, that cause an emotional response in addition to trust. This is why house brands are often underestimated as compared to other brands.

When planning the launch of a new house brand for the Podruzhka chain, Taber Trade set the task for Mildberry to create a comprehensive brand in middle price category, with a wide range of makeup and beauty accessories and develop design principles for future limited collections.

All women want to learn how to be different and surprise every day. In the process of working on this project, we aimed at the widest female audience, those who want to change their look easily and choose their tools professionally.

DE.CO accessories help you be different every day and inspire you to experiment — because trying something new is easier when you have everything you need at hand. The product mix includes a wide range of make-up brushes of various shapes and materials and other accessories to create a unique look. Each of the products requires individual packaging design and shelf differentiation.

The goal was to create a visual concept that could be scaled easily to any number of categories and formats, made product navigation simpler, and formed a clear and relevant image of the brand for female audience of different ages. The system of visual identity we created for the DE.CO brand is build on the images of femininity, classic beauty and elegance, while permitting more imaginative and bold solutions in limited collections. This way, DE.CO grew to include collections of special make-up brushes PRO and ARTISTIC and limited collections COOL BRUSH, AQUA DIAMOND, and MAGNETIZE.

"Limited collections require a flashy design, something dramatic. The goal is to make it stand out among basic products but remain within the general style of the brand. In order to solve this task, Mildberry team has developed a clear scheme with permanent and variable design elements. Permanent elements support signature style of the brand, while variables allow to express the mood of the collection. Thanks to this, the brand looks balanced and cohesive on the shelf while the area of limited collections catches the eye immediately," Alyona Soklakova, the category manager of Podruzhka, says.

We prepared guidelines with rules of working with visual materials of the brand, while key visuals and additional creative communication materials developed by Mildberry allowed us to win the love and trust of Podruzhka customers.