Mildberry brand building solutions

visual identity, brand book


The DEGAL project has an interesting back-story. A few years ago Mildberry developed a successful perfume and cosmetics retail brand called Bon Joli, which managed to become one of the leaders on its market in a very short period of time. This brand was sold at a good price by its owners, and inspired by their success they decided to repeat Bon Joil’s success by launching a new brand on the same market. In terms of business strategies it was necessary to repeat this fortunate experience while in terms of branding solutions it was necessary to make something completely different from Bon Joli, to set itself distanced as much as possible from the old brand and avoid any associations with it.

Our consultancy had to repeat this previous success — to create a strong Russian brand from scratch.

The brand became the direct opposite of Bon Joli thanks to its newly minted name, its colour solutions of visual style; all the while performing the same work. The brand’s spirit is precisely expressed in its colour palette. The chain of DEGAL perfume and cosmetics stores offers opportunities, a rush of emotions, a large selection and a space for experimentation. The visual style was integrated into all the communication applications of the new brand including the interior solutions of the stores.

Branding tools allowed us to solve a strategic task: create a retail chain analogous, in terms of its format, to its successful predecessor (including image studios allocated directly inside the stores), but having unique visual style and language, which have already brought real results. Within the period of half a year since the moment brand was created seven successful Degal stores have been opened in various cities across Russia.