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Development of the visual identity for the Dessert Boutique trademark was the second project performed by Mildberry for the company called Akoulchev which is one of the most dynamically developing Russian brands in the confectionary products category.

Dessert Boutique is a chain of confectionary stores with the first one opened up in Naberzhnye Chelny (a small city in Russia) in the beginning of March 2009. This kind of chain is a relatively new concept for Russia — the fact confirming the innovativeness of Akoulchev. Chain stores will specialise in selling baked goods and confectionary products. Also, at Dessert Boutique customers can always have a cup of coffee at the few tables set up in the shop.

When developing the visual identity for creating a positive emotional effective non-standard and non-traditional methods were used.

Mildberry decided to have the brand name look as though it was a hand-printed sign written in hot chocolate in order to give the brand its own character while making it emotional and recognizable.

The Dessert Boutique photo style upheld by a series of works personally done by an Italian photograph emphasizing the brand’s ‘romantic qualities’ and making it memorable was a key identity element. The colour style solutions done in the brown and beige gamma using the sepia effect created a special feeling of ‘warmth’ for the visual image and more clearly expressed its emotional side.

Mildberry developed the Dessert Boutique brand book outlining the guidelines and visual instruments to be used for developing the brand’s style on various applications. Our consultancy will have to carry out an author guidance regarding the implementation of the developed visual identity in newly opening chain stores.