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How the Digital Transformation begins and what it ends with. Joint presentation by Mildberry and FTO

On March 27, 2017, Moscow has hosted a conference on the Digital Transformation organised by the Russian Association for Electronic Communications and the Possible Group and dedicated to the changes in business that have taken place under the influence of digital technologies. The conference has brought together representatives of companies for whom the digital transformation is not just words, but the actual reality.

The event has been opened by the managing partner of Mildberry Oleg Beriev and Vladimir Malakh – the managing partner of FTO. On the example of Mildberry projects in China, Denmark, and Norway, the speakers have described reasons why traditional business models are not able to ensure implementation of modern marketing strategies and how business should act in this situation.

Today, the world is changing faster than ever in the history of humankind. Even the way people perceive and consume information, products, and services is changing, and therefore, the marketing strategies are also changing. Often, speaking of the Digital Transformation, people are actually talking about the using of technologies for servicing traditional business processes. However, the essence of the Digital Transformation is in the essential transformation of the processes and business models themselves. Ideas for the transformation are born within marketing, meanwhile the problem is how marketing itself, with all its standards, tools, and technologies, is ready for the new.

The Digital Transformation is still a "grey" zone, in which, there are no rules, standards, ready models, and answers, but there is a unique experience of transformation. How one should introduce the transformations? What do they start with? How should the "change team" look like and whether the Digital Transformation can become a service? These questions have been sounding from the stage, and after the presentation of Mildberry, they became the topic of professional discussions already on the sidelines of the event.