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Evgeny Dyomin. SPLAT is a lifestyle

"What is marketing? I have a lot to share on this: our ATL budget has always equaled zero and we have never had any marketing department. For SPLAT — marketing is a lifestyle itself... About 13 years ago several people, who later on became the company’s founders, were sitting on the bench daydreaming about future and own business. Being a bit Soviet-minded we were thinking of just “producing” something, simple things for everyday use like soap or toilet paper. Afterwards, we had this idea of tooth paste. That was the exact record in our notebook: “to make a perfect tooth paste”. For us, having a super-goal was significant. Mainly because we do believe that attainable, but complicated goal mobilizes and transforms personality...”

Exclusively for Mildberry Inspiration visitors – the CEO and founder of SPLAT Evgeny Dyomin told how to make super-goal real, why traditional advertising is not applicable to SPLAT, why you have to hire smart and handsome loading workmen and how he manages to reply consumers’ inquiries monthly.