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Evgeny Butman. Brand collection

Apple is a brand which has become a synonym for innovations and a new style of communication. Imaginarium is a store which has a separate entrance for kids and free access to original educational and developing games. Hamleys is “theatricalized chaos”: thousands of toys and clowns party entertainers. Mamas & Papas is a unique clothes collection and interior designs for nurseries. Cook House is a retail chain for those who enjoy cooking and at the same time — a cooking studio where chefs host cooking classes.

All these unusual brands have one thing in common: they owe their entering the Russian market to a businessman Evgeny Butman. A former co-owner of re:Store, the biggest chain of Apple mono-brand stores in Europe, the founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ideas4Retail (the company developing such brands as Imaginarium, Hamleys, Mamas & Papas, Cook House) told us what one can learn working with iconic brands and how such experience can be used for coming up with one’s own ideas.