Mildberry brand building solutions

visual identity, package design


The company called Fix Price owns a chain of stores where inexpensive everyday products are sold at a fixed price. Products for the company's numerous own trademarks of this chain were designed homogeneously (irrespective of their category) which caused a bunch of problems: it did not help customer to make a right choice, it made the products unattractive for the consumer and made the products seem cheaper. Mildberry was tasked with creating a visual differentiation system for various goods categories for the company's numerous own trademarks within the Fix Price chain. Also, it was necessary to develop an attractive product package design while making it both informative and varied.

For each of the numerous categories Mildberry developed its own visual identity allowing one to determine the product's purpose without fail. The visual identity also communicated the functional features of goods. Additionally, all the products within each of the categories were designed in such a way so as to create the consumer’s perception that each brand exists independently.

We developed a visual identity system for Fix Price own trademarks, applied it to various product categories and made an appealing package design for all the products sold in the chain stores.