Mildberry brand building solutions


We often encounter the fact that business decisions about the choice of which products to produce is based not on consumer analysis and marketing strategy, but on industrial capabilities of manufacturer. The function of marketing with this approach boils down to brand development of certain existing solutions. Companies try every method to sell people what they produce, but they don’t produce what people need.

What if we don’t look at the product and the brand image separately, but develop them together as one?

We believe that product is the integral part of brand strategy. Product is the culmination of brand engagement, the basis of the so often mentioned consumer experience.

Mildberry Food Lab offers your cross-functional expertise, built around food products, which are specifically made for consumers: analysis and strategy, development of recipes, packaging and industrial solutions.

Tasks which we solve:
• Market analysis of product offerings
• Analysis of consumer behaviour
• Development of new products
• Recipe and / or packaging adaptation according to brand positioning, audience segment, or special consumer occasions
• Improvement of recipe competitiveness
• Product portfolio analysis and optimisation
• Study of potential for entering new product categories or new consumer segments.
• Scaling or optimisation of existing production
• Development of new production capacities

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