Mildberry brand building solutions

brand visual identity, naming, design concept, brand book, online store design concept


Introducing a new brand to a highly competitive market always puts producers at risk, both in terms of developing a new brand concept and in the process of positioning the brand. This is especially true for highly competitive markets that have not been branded yet and have no recognisable brands or manufacturers with a well-deserved reputation. In this case, it is important not only to make a unique offer to consumers, but also to form a clear and transparent link between the brand and its target audience.

The Russian market of sun protection systems is one example of a difficult market like that. In addition to lack of structure and clear operation format, in Russia this market poses yet another challenge: due to high population density, profile products in this market are positioned not only as sun protection tools, but also as means of ensuring privacy.

Mildberry decided to use this characteristic in its work on creating a concept for the new FOROOM sun protecting systems brand. We set out to form a simple and intuitive concept that would answer the needs and specific demands of local consumers, thereby allowing FOROOM to become the first recognised and memorable brand in the market.

The name FOROOM was coined as part of this effort — a fantasy one, but clearly linked to the product’s application: "for room". The brand's visual identity, including the logo and other design elements, was developed to harmonise with the digital FOROOM online store. Redesigning the brand's online store was the next important stage of the project.

Mildberry's experts structured and divided into categories all the brand products previously randomly scattered in the online store with no clear names and descriptions for consumers. This was followed by the naming of all products, the creation of a unique colour code, and the development of intuitive icons and a new online store navigation system based on the brand's dynamic identity and intended to facilitate search by product lines.

As a result, we managed to develop a successful and intuitive brand concept, reflecting its main attributes in the digital environment, giving FOROOM online customers everything they need for a enjoyable customer experience.