Mildberry brand building solutions


The emergence of a new sub-brand of the children's cereals Heinz Kids in the market is a vivid example of how real demand generates an offer. Being one of the leading manufacturers of child nutrition in Russia and in the world, as well as the absolute leader in the market for children's cereals, Heinz closely interacts with its target audience and is sensitive to its needs, which in turn undergo changes and grow following the global trends. In this way, the trend of conscious motherhood has led to stricter requirements of modern parents for child nutrition: they began to read labels more often, study the product more carefully before choosing a brand, prefer only natural and useful, and more closely monitor the compliance of complementary feeding to the child's age.

For instance, starting from 4 months old to 1 year old, moms feed their babies with ready-made children's cereals, which have homogeneous consistency. Starting from one year old, they want to pick up more "complex" cereals, but not yet the ones intended for grown-ups. They are looking for suitable options on the shelves, but fail to find any. This is a paradox, but despite the fact that children's cereals are one of the main segments of children's complementary foods, before the establishment of Heinz Kids, no "intermediate" versions of cereals have been presented in the market. Apart from the instant-cooking children's cereals designed for kids under one year old, there were only cereals for adults with coarse large cereal flakes, which require cooking.

Heinz specialists have decided to develop a line of cereals under Heinz Kids sub-brand especially designed for children above 1 year old. It includes three components: oatmeal, buckwheat, and multi-grain cereals. The Kids product line has represented a more "complex" true cereal requiring cooking, which at the same time, takes into consideration the needs of children above 1 year old, and helps smoothly transfer them from child nutrition to an "adult one".

All this required to be properly communicated to consumers presented by modern and demanding moms and dads. Revealing such attributes as modernity and expertise through design, it was important to establish a warm and positive image of the brand rather than too strict. The engagement of children into the communication, not only their parents, was one of the peculiarities of the problem. In this way, the image of Pink Hippo – the traditional symbol of the children's Heinz line – has also been updated and a little bit "matured" along with the cereal. At the same time, the keystone has remained quite mobile and can be reworked in any way with an allowance for the preservation of its recognizability.

Mildberry has managed to create not just an informative and well-structured design that communicates the idea of ​​naturalness and premiumness of the product, but also to distinguish significantly the Kids sub-brand among the children's line of Heinz, while preserving continuity and belonging to the legendary Heinz brand.