Mildberry brand building solutions


Mildberry has developed package design for new Heinz product lines: Heinz Light and Heinz Premium Selection.

As an unrivalled leader in the ketchups market, Heinz always responds quickly to changes in customer preferences constantly striving to meet the new demands of their customers.

One example of this client-oriented approach has been the launch of the new Heinz Light product line. The new ketchup contains less sugar and targets people that care about leading a healthy lifestyle. And that message has become the key concept of the new package design developed by Mildberry.

The second product presented by the company was Heinz Premium Selection ketchup.

This ketchup is made from specially selected tomatoes grown in Estremadura Province in South-West Spain, using cutting edge agricultural technologies. Mildberry’s creative team has developed a package design for Heinz Premium Selection that stresses the top quality of the brand and its unique taste.

Heinz is one of the world’s largest food manufacturers. The company sells its products in 200 countries around the world. Heinz has for many years been synonymous with ketchup and for many people ‘it ain’t ketchup if it ain’t Heinz.’