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Mildberry Inspiration


I-go and Oriental philosophy became the theme of the closed Mildberry Conspiration event held in Mildberry office and supported by Snob project.

Entering Mildberry every guest could choose his own “role” for this game: either a participant (playing I-go parties), or a listener (able to discuss the parties), or a spectator (an observer able to ask questions after the parties). The badges of participants were quickly spread around, and soon afterwards five the brave spirits were learning I-go playing skills at one table with the I-go Master in person — with Igor Grishin. The listeners were assisting them actively asking questions during the parties. There were a lot of guests but everyone could see in detail all the actions of players thanks to projection on a large screen.

There also were rare and interesting exhibits displayed in a separate room. All of them were somehow related to I-go and Oriental philosophy. An ancient set for I-go made of rare materials, old handwritten books and gobans (traditional desks for I-go) — all these and other items could be viewed, touched and even bought. And to make unrevealing of Oriental mysteries and secrets easier, the guests of Mildberry Conspiration could taste tea of different varieties and have a good look at the paintings by Masha Semenskaya exhibited in Mildberry Gallery.