Mildberry brand building solutions

Brand platform, visual identity, brand book


Effective branding is a resource for developing business. Owners of the Ile de Beaute chain paid attention to the fact that an insufficiently planned-out and obsolete brand hinders business expansion. This pertains to everything down to newly opening stores, which simply could not maintain the standards of an inadequately flexible brand.

Building a well-planned out and effective brand structure was the key task at hand when rebranding, along with a comprehensive approach uniting the chain’s philosophy, graphic, font, colour and interior solutions.

In order to solve this task Mildberry teamed up with Ile de Beaute to work out a brand platform and then our consultancy started working away on its visual implementation. The renewed logotype effectively combined both the elegance and non-flashy restrained premium quality of the brand along with a distinct combination of black and purple.

Careful attention was paid to integrating the new style into the stores’ interiors: every detail from lighting and the personnel’s uniforms down to the design of the discount cards was meticulously planned out.

Currently the Ile de Beaute chain is one of the largest perfume chain and has 136 stores all across Russia. In 2009 Ile de Beaute climbed to the top of the leaderboards amongst multi-brand perfume and cosmetics chains based on the results of ‘Tainstvenny Pokupatel’’ (The Secret Buyer) research. In April 2010 Ile de Beaute received a gold medal at the EFFIE/BRAND OF THE YEAR competition.