Mildberry brand building solutions

visual identity, package design


Heinz debuted in the baby formula category with a new product called Infanta whose design and visual identity were developed by Mildberry.

It is by no means easy to break onto the baby formula market since government control is quite stringent, there is an abundance of standards and licenses one must meet and obtain. Producers must undergo an incredible amount of preparatory work. This fact made the task facing those creating the package and the whole system of visual identity for the new product just that much more crucial.

When developing the new brand’s visual language it was necessary to take into consideration both the market competitors and the preferences of Russian consumers. It was important to strike an optimal balance between having a truly unique package, innovative product and preserving the traditional features of the category.

Heinz products’ reputation helped significantly when creating the new brand; therefore it was important to maintain and strengthen the image of the brand as being an expert in children’s nutrition, to emphasize its expertise, reliability and premium-quality, to communicate the fact that the Heinz Infanta baby formula is the best choice for a child.

The Mildberry team found the most effective approach for solving this task: a package, which is both unique, and in-line with industry traditions was created. Infanta stands out amongst its competitors; however it clearly indicates its purpose as being a premium baby formula.

The new product also stands apart from other Heinz product lines. The selected design is strict, pure and ‘pro-medicine’. The pattern, made from objects from one’s early childhood, gives a slight indication that it is after all a child’s product. The cold light colours convey the product’s technology and cleanliness, whereas restraint indicates trust and expertise.

From marketing plans and graphs the new brand became a reality: Infanta established itself on the shelves of Russian stores. Sales show that the consumer noticed the new product and has become interested in it.

One shouldn’t forget that the project has yet another purpose: Infanta is mostly an image brand. When having the opportunity to make baby formulas producers must consider the need for special quality control, technologies and particular responsibility. HEINZ not only increased its presence on the children’s nutrition market but it also has made consumers more loyal and trusting of the trademark since only a real expert can take it upon itself to care for the smallest of consumers.