Mildberry brand building solutions

visual identity, package design


Kaspersky is one of the few Russian international brands. The visual communication of this brand should be in line with its level and reputation on the global markets.

The need for the package redesign of Kaspersky software is long overdue since this famous brand practically did not have a sole articulated visual concept. The design of each new product was completely different which kept the company from forming a complete and united image. Mildberry was instructed to complete a comprehensive task consisting of building a distinct product matrix, developing easy-to-use and clear-cut packaging and determining the principles for developing product lines. All of this needed to be embodied in a modern communicative design expressing the ambitions and hi-tech qualities of the company.

We managed to find a simple and effective solution. All design solutions are united around the key element of Kaspersky’s visual language. That key element was the stylish letter “K” which reflects the brand’s individuality and a person standing behind it — the founder with his very own signature serving as a symbol of reliability and responsibility. This symbol became the main message in the design’s developed structure for all Kaspersky products. Various product lines and various visual communication applications all led to a unified principle of design.

The joint Mildberry and Kaspersky project signified a switch to a qualitatively new level of communication taking into consideration various types of software and various groups of consumers for whom they were created. The up-dated design structure allowed the company to combine various communication vectors into a single strong brand.