Mildberry brand building solutions


In every house there is some sort of jar in which we put change we have accumulated in our pockets and wallets. The charity fund Liniya Zhizni (Lifeline) for saving severely-ill children decided to unite all these ‘piggy-banks’ into one and put it towards a good cause for a particular child. For that purpose a charity project called ‘someone’s life is by no means a trifle’ was created. Its purpose is to help children whose lives are in danger due to serious illnesses. Anyone can take part in this project—you just have to turn in your ‘piggy-bank’ at the Lifeline change drive points. The project’s symbol is a three-litre jar in which all those who wish to can place their change. This event is held a few times a year and during the previous events the fund managed to collect almost 5 million roubles; thereby saving the lives of thirty three sick children.

Mildberry designers took an active part in this charity event and not only made donations for the children’s treatment, but they personally signed the three-litre jars which were eventually set up in the Lifeline change drive points and they made people passing by happy due to their bright design.