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It is normally we ourselves who present our work, but this time it was made by our client. Let's enjoy the vivid and sincere story told by Larisa Daueva, MAJO owner.

I grew up in Georgia, in the small city of Rustavi, not far from Tbilisi. I used to spend summers with my cousins in Vladikavkaz. But what I enjoyed most was staying at my grandma's place in the mountains, in a small Ossetian village on the Georgian Military Highway, right in the middle between Georgia and Ossetia.

I love mountains, these are my places of power. Their natural energy is tremendous. I remember wandering along a mountain river, ankle-deep in crystal-clear, ice-cold water. I would drink right from this spring, same ice-cold and delicious water, coming out of rocks and painting them shades of orange because of the iron abundance. I climbed up an ice tunnel next to a waterfall, which didn't melt even in August, and watched, head up, as the foamy streams of the waterfall crashed against the rocks and scattered in thousands of splashes sparkling in the sun. And all this splendor — framed by white ice — in the middle of summer!

All my child memories are painted by the sun, blue skies and birds floating, majestic mountains; emerald green in the summer, and incredibly colourful in the autumn: red, yellow, and orange. The taste of my childhood — sweet Cada pie, which granny used to bake on holidays, Ossetian pies, delicious chuchkhela. I remember the streets of old Tbilisi, as if coming from Pirosmani's canvases, cordial music, the friendships I've carried over the years.

I've always loved chuchkhela, but only recently I have seen it in a new light. Essentially, it is a healthy snack, and most importantly, a very tasty one: you can taste nuts set off by a tender fruit coating. Those who choose a balanced and healthy diet will certainly like chuchkhela, since walnuts contain good fats, which nourish and help you lose weight.

My brand, MAJO, took in all the best I had in my childhood. And the best I learned from the companies that brought me up as a manager, specialist and, late, as an entrepreneur. Bistrov, VELLE, ORGANICESCAPE. The main values have always been the quality of the product, its benefits, love for people and the environment, a return to your roots. Familiar and authentic products, enjoying a new lease on life.

MAJO is my world, my inner self, expressed through images. It's amazing how Mildberry manages to reflect some intangible things that you feel, but cannot explain. Many thanks to all of the team for their professionalism and patience.