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On November 4, 2016 the Moscow office of Mildberry hosted the third meeting of the participants of the Mildberry Future Talks closed discussion club. This meeting was devoted to market innovations and future trends. That time marketing professionals talked about the future of brands and customers in the post digital age.

The speakers included Mildberry’s Head of Digital Dervices Dmitry Artzukh, Mildberry Digital CEO Evgeniy Etin and Head of the Branding Sector at Google’s Sales Department Pierric Duthoit.

The discussion started with a video call by Dmitry Artzukh from Shanghai. He told his colleagues about what made China’s digital and e-commerce market different, about the Chinese consumers’ purchasing habits and their buying activity, sharing the latest statistics on internet penetration in the day to day life of the average Chinese as well as enumerating the main mistakes and dissecting the main difficulties that companies run into when trying to enter into China’s e-commerce market.

Continuing the topic of the digital transformation in the global market, Perric Duthoit made a presentation titled “Innovations, Future and Reality. How Future Trends are Affecting your Brands and Customers Today”, in which he made some predictions about what is going to happen through 2020. Google estimates that by 2020, we are going to have in average 4.3 Internet enabled devices per person; investments in technology will have become a mainstay in every business model used in retail, while the millennials will have officially become the largest and the most influential consumer group.

Active participants in the discussion included representatives of NTV Plus, Allianz and other companies.