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At the second Mildberry Future Talks meeting the experts discussed client service in the digital age

On October 6 the Moscow office of Mildberry hosted the second meeting held as part of the Mildberry Future Talks project. This time the topic was the problems of client service in the digital age.

The speakers at the event included Mildberry Executive Director Frank Vinchon and Mildberry Strategy Director Anna Kosheleva, as well as Marketing and Client Experience Management Expert Yana Bardintseva (formerly Director for Client Relations Development at the Sberbank of Russia) and Skyeng Managing Partner Alexander Laryanovsky.

The Mildberry experts opened the meeting by talking about the changes happening to consumers in the modern world and the advantages enjoyed by companies that focus on creating a unique customer experience.

Yana Bardintseva shared her vision of what customer focus is all about, talking about which services could be regarded as digital and what it means in practice to build your business in cooperation with your client as well as how to minimise the number of steps in the customer journey.

Alexander Laryanovsky touched upon the issue of conversion in his presentation and then talked about what happens to it when the company moves away from impersonal communication. He talked about how a company’s revenue can be boosted by properly analysing customer satisfaction data.

In addition to the speakers, an active part was taken in the discussion by the representatives of Rostelecom, the “Podruzhka” chain stores, the Allianz insurance company, the “Vostochny” bank, May Food and a number of other companies.