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Who said that the value of an art piece is determined by experts? In Mildberry Gallery we consider everything that inspires us to be art, but not that which is pushed upon us by experts. We want to be blown away by an artwork because we truly like it, but not because someone told us we should be blown away by it. We don’t care whatsoever if the author is famous or not. Mildberry Gallery is a project on our subjective view and understanding of art. Artworks, which we like and not necessarily ‘expert-approved’, are presented in our gallery and they are truly breathtaking. This may be paintings, graphic art, photographs, sculptures, video art, and unusual installations; if they demonstrate mastery and an action-packed life then we offer them a space in Mildberry Gallery without second thoughts.

Send us your works, tell us about your talented friends and tell your friends about our project. We are looking forward to receiving your works at