Mildberry brand building solutions


Mildberry’s Shanghai office opened in 2015. It is unique in that it offers a broader range of competencies and uses a completely new approach to business. This in part has to do with the character of the Chinese market, but most importantly, its purpose is to better meet the requirements of our clients in China.

Traditionally, when marketing strategies are implemented, the client will identify some objectives and hire several agencies, each specialising in a particular type of services required for each objective. However, our main client in China, Food Union, has such a complex and all-encompassing project, that it is next to impossible to break it down into separate tasks and outsource them to different companies without compromising the overall vision.

We got involved in Food Union project from the very beginning, when it was just a business idea, and have since demonstrated time and again our ability to efficiently solve a broad range of complex problems. The result is that Mildberry has been granted an exclusive contract.

In addition to developing a full-fledged marketing strategy, several product lines, consumer brands and their communication strategies, as well as a digital platform and programmes to promote the brands in China, Mildberry has also been tasked with helping to refine a number of business processes to improve their efficiency and better integrate them into the client’s marketing strategy.

This helped to form the idea for the office as a cross-functional team capable of addressing a broad range of marketing and business tasks and possessing some serious creative, business and digital competencies.

Our Chinese team is still in the process of formation, but at the same time it is already a fully functional office with existing clients and ambitious goals.

According to our development plans, by 2017, our Shanghai office is to become the largest one employing some 100 staff.