Mildberry brand building solutions

Package concept and design


In 2008 Nestle decided to change its consumer brand positioning and adjust its chocolate recipe for candy sets in an attempt to make the brand more modern, innovative and attractive for consumers. Mildberry was tasked with redesigning the already existing package in order to communicate the new brand positioning to consumers. This new positioning was also supposed to communicate the chocolate’s special and tender flavour, which had already become the brand’s ‘calling card’ awhile back.

Mildberry team and a group of Nestle managers carefully studied the possible directions for implementing this strategically important project and found a mutually agreed upon solution.

It was decided to concentrate on communicating tenderness in a broader sense rather than the ‘unique tenderness of the chocolate itself’. The available methods for solving this task led us behind the boundaries of the product itself and offered a whole new category of ‘tenderness’ with all of its possible interpretations, rich and sensual visual language. Premium quality and ‘desertability’ of the future design served as other key benchmarks.

For this direction it was natural to select white as the main colour: it corresponds to the understanding of tenderness, while at the same time it allows one to achieve the required combination of premium quality and grandeur which are so necessary for the renewed brand.

Eventually, it was white colour to become the foundation for the package design, while the chocolate patterns which look as though they have been hand-printed by a baker, the lacquer ornament and gold beads rounded out the image and created a one of a kind feeling of tenderness and a gift atmosphere. The redesign went over smoothly since one of the most important Nestle brands solidified its spot on the market.