Mildberry brand building solutions

visual identity, brand book


By the time the project for Parquet Hall started, the company had already been a leader on the floorings market for the past 12 years. Naturally, visual identity appearing back in the 90’s had become a bit obsolete in terms of the new market demands and the company’s need for growth. In order to preserve its leading role on the market Parquet Hall had to turn into a full-fledged brand. It was necessary to work out a brand strategy, positioning, determine its attributes and brand values and, eventually, develop an entire brand visual identity concept.

When discussing our plans with the company’s management we reached a common understanding of the brand, its values and strategy. Based on this our consultancy was able to work out an appropriate unique and bright visual language.

It was decided to preserve the brand’s traditions with the previous Parquet Hall logotype (portraying a Sun) already familiar to consumers on the market. In the renewed design the Sun became the symbol expressing the brand’s core message: leadership, uncompromised quality, expertise and positive client relations. Work on this brand made the image acquire new traits; while becoming more graphic-like, individual and modern. The Sun became the core element of the comprehensive visual identity concept reflected in all its applications.

The largest company in this market segment became a modern brand, which allowed it to develop and to remain a leader to this day. The Parquet Hall new visual identity is familiar to all those who at some time or another did some home repairs and not only for them since its inseparable from the company’s image as a whole. During the project a brand book was developed describing the set of all brand identity elements, rules and recommendations for their use.