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Beauty сult. Re-branding for the Piala Tea

The rate at which market trends and consumer preferences are changing today is challenging the established brands: they can opt to remain the same and lose some of their target audience, or they can invest in a radical revamping of their business model to try and surf this wave of change, or they can evolve within their brand to try and follow the emerging consumption patterns while remaining faithful to their traditional attributes.

Piala is a leading tea brand in Kazakhstan and it has picked yet another way: they have decided to rejuvenate their brand, bringing the visual image of the product in alignment with the product itself, a high quality premium tea, while better delineating the boundaries between the different products in the range, emphasising choice.

It was not the first time that Mildberry worked with a Kazakh brand: we dived right into a thorough study of the market in search of insights in full knowledge that the company wanted to create for itself a more modern, more multi-faceted image suited not only to the local audience but also to the neighbouring markets in Kyrgyzstan and Russia while retaining the traditional aesthetics the brand had always been associated with.

The main idea that we picked for the new PR strategy for Piala was the notion of the beauty of a good tea brew. The new pack for the tea was shaped as a precious stone. Thus, clear lines and unambiguous imagery has allowed us to create a modern international design that sets Piala apart from the competition.