Mildberry brand building solutions


Mildberry is a forerunner in the branding industry in Russia. At the time when branding still wasn’t viewed as a separate service we created a company which from the very beginning specialised in developing consumer and corporate brands. We were the trend-setters in the industry by promoting its development in every possible way, hiring international experts, conducting special industry conferences, implementing new standards and finally, creating a professional association.

Mildberry and Depot WPF pushed to create the Russian Branding Companies Association. The Association’s main task is to develop the Russian industry for branding services while also popularising branding as a crucial business instrument. Today there are more than 40 companies in the association and Mildberry continues to actively participate in the Association’s activities by heading up the majority of its initiatives and being one of its main sponsors. Oleg Beriev, the Managing Partner at Mildberry is RBCA’s Co-President.