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Redis Business Class. Russian retailers’ meeting at Mildberry

On February 25, 2016 Mildberry International Brand Consultancy and RedisCrew company organized a business meeting of the retail private club Redis Business Class. The event took place at Mildberry office and gathered over 40 representatives of Russian major retail companies. 

The managing partner of Mildberry Oleg Beriev and a founder of the Take a Bite brand Elena Shifrina became the headlining speakers of the event. The main topics of Oleg Beriev's speech were the changes in marketing strategies, refocusing and re-approaching the realization of contemporary business goals and innovations in interaction with consumers.

Elena Shifrina shared a story of establishing and running the Take A Bite brand and told about Russian healthy food market trends and how they influence shops’ stocks and consumer behavior. Her speech was also dedicated to people’s vision of future, their choice of products attracting them nowadays and tomorrow. She pointed out the things retailers and producers should change and rethink right now.

In addition, RedisCrew delivered a presentation on their new services, terms and conditions of membership in the Redis Business Class club and told about new corporate identity, which was developed together with Mildberry.

Retail top-managers were talking to each other, shared their business cases and discussed the latest market trends. The event gathered the representatives of Diksi, Letoile, Familiya, Euroset, Leonardo, Lush, 220 Volt, Utkonos, Respublica, Korablik, 585, Frontime, Mosigra Respect, Sport-Marafon, Samsonite retail nets; ROSTA , ASNA, Central distribution company, TSUM companies and ROST association.