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Rue de fleur is the second project created by Mildberry for Global Beauty, a company operating on the retail markets in a few CIS countries. This time Global Beauty decided to occupy the niche of fashion jewelry and accessories stores which is in a rudimentary stage in most of these countries. The task was full-scale for in order to develop a retail brand one must develop a general concept, name and whole brand visual identity system all the way down to the store’s interiors.

Mildberry started this work with serious preparation. In Kazakhstan, Armenia and Belarus marketing research was conducted with the purpose of studying the target audience and finding some insights for developing the brand. Consequently, the key insight was a creative component meaning the creation of an individual style as a creative process, while the store was to become a space for inspiration.

That’s how the concept for the chain of stores was born where quality, a wide assortment and up-to-date design inspire customers to experiment. Starting work on the brand we tried to create a special environment in which women would choose a new image for themselves. We tried to create a space where one’s imagination can run wild and new opportunities are everywhere. The phrase “Inspiration and style changing your life” became the brand’s motto.

The new chain received the sophisticated name Rue du fleur. These components made up of French words on the one hand helped make the brand international, boundless and on the other hand it makes one feel the charm of the country of elegance and beauty along with European traditions of quality.

The selected visual concept emphasizes the brand’s emotional traits like youth and inspiration.

This is reflected in the combination of the main white background, contrasted black graphics and pink colour hints adding a touch of femininity and youthfulness. The symbol of the girl flying on a dandelion became the most expressive element and main message of the brand’s visual communication.

During the concept development stage we were taking into consideration how this will all work in the stores’ constructive elements. Eventually, we found not only colour and graphic solutions, but an organic fusion of the perfect colour, light, images and forms in the interiors themselves.

Designers and technical consultants at Mildberry worked out every detail in the constructions, zoning, lighting and navigation of the stores. More than a thousand assortment positions of fashion jewelry and other jewelry fit nicely into the store’s space thanks to the carefully crafted layout. The combination of overhead and puck lighting allows one to literally show every product in its ‘best light’.

Deflection of the brand’s colour scheme in the interior gives one the feeling of air due to the main white colour, while the hanging black ceilings round out the space. The slanted mirrors expand the space inside the store and have a quite practical purpose: customers can see how certain jewelry looks on them. The colour and graphic accent is made at the cashier’s area. The personnel’s elegant uniform in the brand’ s colours completes the whole image.

In an unusually short period of time a whole set of works on developing the retail chain was performed: in March 2010 work began on the project, while already in September the first Rue de fleur store was opened in Astana. Currently, the chain is continuing to develop at a quick pace.