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Sergey Vykhodtsev. A start-up in Russia is more than just a start-up

In the Russian business community Sergey Vykhodtsev has been associated with such notions as breakthrough and revolution. He’s introduced more innovative brands and products than anyone else in this country. Invite, Bystrov, Velle are all the products of his audacity and creativity. RSA and NASA selected Sergey Vykhodtsev’s company as one of the firms to develop food rations for the astronauts of the international space station.

On October 21st Sergey was a member of an international jury that assesses business projects of young entrepreneurs from all over the world at GSEA (Global Student Entrepreneur Awards) In the first part of MILDBERRY INSPIRATION meeting Sergey told about GSEA founded in 1998 and being the most prestigious among student- and young entrepreneurs. GSEA supports early-stage student entrepreneurs who require much needed mentorship, recognition and connections to take their businesses to the next level of success. Undergraduate and graduate students who have owned and operated a business for at least six months are eligible to be nominated to compete for the title of Global Student Entrepreneur Awards International Champion. The winners get financial support provided by sponsors – successful businessmen from all over the world investing in innovative projects.

This year the projects of young entrepreneurs from different countries of Europe, America and Asia were presented at GSEA. Russian projects did not appear. And Sergey believes the integration of young Russian businessmen in GSEA to become his social-business project.