Mildberry brand building solutions

Brand platform, visual identity, brand book


Today we find it rather usual that real estate market players not only sell “square meters”, but also cater to something as natural as their clients’ need for comfortable and considered living space. Seven Suns Development went further: its communicative strategy is based on the concept of attractive housing, clever planning, state-of-the-art infrastructure, all being mere reflections of that which reigns over human life — of love. Each of the company’s projects means not only comfortable housing, it is more than this: it is truly a new life environment, reminiscent of joy, harmony, love and its creative nature.

The integrated brand identity developed by Mildberry visualizes the fundamental values to which Seven Suns Development adheres, highlighting its unusual positioning.

Seven suns is a metaphor originating from Biblical parables that has become the semantic keynote of this project, embodied in the company’s name and brand identity. The proponents of the company’s concepts are all ordinary people who ask simple yet universally relevant questions. A dramatic binder for the visual identity was discovered in sunshine that lights these people up and penetrates the space around them.