Mildberry brand building solutions

Brand strategy, naming, visual identity system, packaging design concept, GUIDELINES FOR PACKAGING DESIGN DEVELOPMENT AND BRAND PRESENCE IN RETAIL SPACE


Sales of private label brands are growing both in terms of value and volume. In European markets the share of private label products has increased by 4% over the past year and is now at about 40%. Russia is far from these numbers, but is actively striving towards them. Investments into middle and premium segment private label brands are what driving the growth.

The federal retail chain "Karusel" which is a part of X5 Retail Group in order to develop its private label portfolio, has decided to launch “Smart Solution”, a cross-category private label in the middle price segment.

The brand was developed by the Mildberry agency. The agency’s team was tasked with developing the brand strategy, brand name, packaging design, visual identity system, guidelines for packaging design development and brand presence in retail space.

When working on the project, we focused on the core target audience of the retail chain “Karusel” – the rationalists, “family managers”, who buy goods for 1-3 weeks ahead. Their buying behaviour is pragmatic, they require convenience and the ability to buy everything they need at one place. Careful attention to their budget, the desire to choose the best for their family makes good value products more relevant than simply “cheap.”

In the middle segment, besides attractive pricing, there are additional expectations and requirements from products. Competition in this segment requires high-quality food, packaging and communication that must match the level of market leaders. The concept of “Smart Solution” determines the value level and the direction of the brand's product portfolio development.

The extensive retail expertise of “Karusel” became the key RTB of the “Smart Solution” brand. Analysing the trends and consumer preferences, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of manufacturers, having access to detailed purchasing statistics and active work of the quality assurance team made it possible to create a brand that offers both convenience and value. This approach to product development allows the customer to be confident that by purchasing the “Smart Solution” products, they make a smart choice.

The basis for the design and the visual style of the brand “Smart Solution” is simplicity and minimalism, which allows for the most concise and clear way of conveying information about the product, as well as adapting the design to various categories.
"Karusel" together with Mildberry continues to develop their private label portfolio.