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visual identity


Mildberry has developed the emblem for Football Championship of Russia, 2014-2015.

From now on this emblem can be found on players’ uniform, on Championship official ball, at stadiums, on ad constructions, tickets and other applications. It is seen by millions of Russian fans – on tribunes, in web, on TV.

The new emblem development was initiated by the Russian Football Premier League and by SOGAZ insurance group, the title partner of Russian Football Championship. It was necessary to create dynamic, bright and up-to-date logotype. The Russian tricolour, the official ball of the Championship, the name of it and the name of the title partner were the essential elements of the emblem.

The development of the emblem for Russian Football Championship is among other Mildberry’s projects in sports branding, such as works for Olympic Committee of Russia, Avangard ice-hockey club, Sparta football club, Inside World Football international forum, Rolex Snow Polo Cup.

We thank SOGAZ insurance group and Russian Football Premier League for the photos provided.