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AIC "Kamsky". Strategic marketing for the emerging leader

Mildberry has created a marketing strategy for AIC "Kamsky" brand portfolio.

In Spring 2015 a new major player, agro-industrial complex "Kamsky", emerged on the Russian processed meat market. The manufacturer is based in Naberejhnye Chelny and is known as the one of the largest meat processing factory in Russia.

The volume of planned investment into the plant development, including a complete cycle of production, is going to reach 96 mln Euro by 2017 and the overall production capacity is going to be increased to 130 tonnes of meat per day as soon as all the construction and equipping stages are finished. In 2015, during the reconstruction of the facility, the acting president of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov, visited the site, thus emphasising the significance of the project for the region.

Now AIC "Kamsky" provides Tatarstan market with sausage products and premium processed meat. However, the manufacturer is planning to enter The Central, Pryvoljhsky and Ural markets soon and fulfil its federal ambitions. The company also intends to produce meat processed products for top retailers’ private labels as well.

Mildberry became a strategic marketing partner of AIC "Kamsky" in accomplishing its ambitious goals. Within the project the agency has structured company’s brand portfolio and strategy, created “Sosnovoborskaya” brand, including brand platform, positioning concept and brand communication strategy, which covers both online and offline channels.

Processed meat market is overwhelmed with players, which makes it quite conservative. Therefore, choosing unique positioning and channel of communication became crucial for the brand. In partnership with Mildberry, AIC "Kamsky" managed to reach this goal successfully.