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Creating a football team brand has become Mildberry's unique sport marketing project. There wouldn’t have been anything unique about this project if not for the idea to create a football team from scratch and do this based on all of the laws of world football marketing and then catapult the club from an amateur league to the first and then to the Russian premier league! Such projects have existed in the history of contemporary Russia: one may recall the Sochi-based “Zhemchuzhina” club. But Sparta differs in so far, as the project, all the way down to its most minute details, is carefully filmed by the Rossiya-2 (Russia-2) camera crew. Two times a week all of Russia can take a glimpse at the lives of Sparta players by watching the TV-show called “30 Spartans”. MILDBERRY has been part of the Sparta project from the very beginning. We are responsible for the club’s branding, and everything that relates to the brand’s verbal and visual communications is performed by us or under our management.

Follow the Sparta club on their site and it’s possible that you will be witnessing the birth of new Russian football stars!