Mildberry brand building solutions

visual identity, brand book


Mildberry developed a new visual identity for one of the largest construction companies in Russia, Stroytransgaz. This company, which used to perform projects mostly in the fuel and energy industry, has now greatly expanded the sphere of its business activities. Now it is one of the leaders in infrastructural construction across Russia. And such a diversification in the company’s activities justified rebranding of Stroytransgaz.

The company’s new business concept caused for a change in its name, from Stroytransgaz to the abbreviation of STG, which has allowed the company to announce its development in new areas (not just as a leader in the fuel and energy industry), while preserving continuity of its traditions. Now the logotype contains the abbreviation and the company’s full name. In the future the company is planning to replace Stroytransgaz with STG as its main sign.

The company’s new logotype contains the letters ‘STG’ framed by two ascending orange lines. The shape of the sign resembles a flag, emphasizes the dynamics, growth and development of the company. The large and masculine font of the logotype conveys a sense of large-scale industry and reliability.

The color scheme of the renewed brand is made up of a contrasting combination of orange and dark blue. The orange color symbolizes energy, leadership, optimism and activity; while dark blue demonstrates the company’s hi-tech nature and elevated status. The style-defining Diagonal element is an important component of the brand’s visualization. This ascending orange line will be used in the company’s documents, in decoration of office buildings, production and construction sites, as well as on other identity applications. This element is simple and easy to use, suits the brand’s photo style well, while creating a bright and dynamic compositions.