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It was in the end of 2014, arrange a very special festive event — truly kind, funny and heartfelt — for our partners’ and clients’ children.

The whole Mildberry team started creating, drawing, rehearsing, gluing to achieve something superb or, to put it more precisely, something superhero! And on the 20th of December our Superhero New Year celebration took place! It was not a usual New Year show with round dances and performances, but a real adventure where all children could reveal their super-capabilities.

We thank all of our little and adult guests who were making exciting masks with us, were inventing superhero beverages, were drawing nice and kind New Year cards, those becoming comic-strip and movie heroes, jumping, laughing and making merry in full! Or supply of energy and positive emotions will be enough for the whole year, right till the next children festive event :)