Mildberry brand building solutions

Brand concept, visual identity, brand book


Based on the order from Sport Vysshikh Dostizhenii (Sport of Highest Accomplishments) Mildberry developed an All-Russian sports brand called Team Russia. The brand’s task is to unite all athletes and citizens of Russia into one team so that everyone has the feeling of being a part of one common goal, while feeling personally responsible for the fate of Russian sport. The ultimate idea of the project is to create a brand giving everyone a common dream, goal and passion for developing the sport of high accomplishments. The task is quite ambitious and requires not only consolidated efforts year in and year out, but it also requires an appropriate symbol.

We sifted through tens of ideas when looking for the symbol for the Team Russia brand: from the tritest to the most innovative. But how can one create a symbol for the whole country? A symbol, which will be received as quickly as possible by the most amount of people? The best way to do so is to look around and notice the obvious. We analysed photo and video reports from sports competitions and found three symbols which are used by fans in the bleachers: a bear, two-headed eagle and tricoloured flag.

Russians choose symbols in which they believe in, which they follow. We turned the consumer's choice into a graphical, modern and easy to use and manage brand.

The Team Russia development strategy encompasses all aspects of the sports world in our country. Professional and amateur sporting events are to be held under the auspices and with Team Russia participation. Additionally, Team Russia will be involved in setting up special prizes and foundations for rendering support to sportsmen and federations while developing marketing strategies and effective coordination instruments between business and sport. The Team Russia brand is more than just professional sport — it is a philosophy of a healthy lifestyle for the whole country.