Mildberry brand building solutions


An ambitious confectionary factory from Povolzhje region in Russia tasked Mildberry with developing a corporate brand, in addition to its name and package design for its new products. In Russia’s regions effective and bold branding is still hard to be found. This is especially noticeable in the confectionary industry where non-branded goods sold by weight occupy a significant part of the market. The creation of a strong and recognizable trademark in this segment gives one a serious advantage. Keeping pace with the times is particularly crucial for corporate brands — there is a need to be close to contemporary European models in terms of one’s name and visual identity.

The name “Testory” sounds quite European and still makes sense to the average Russian thanks to its semantic root. This name served as a successful solution for the first project phase. A corporate brand visual style was developed entailed minimalistic pictures (they look as though they have been drawn by hand with chalk) and a logotype make one feel the cozy and warm atmosphere of a European café-bakery.

Our consultancy strove to reflect these warm emotions when creating Darletto, the first product brand for Testory.

The Testory case is especially interesting as it is an example of how a small regional company using contemporary branding instruments can make a qualitative leap and turn into a player on the national level.